Foundation, rules and winners

The European Strongmen Cup was founded in 2011 by Milan Gabrhel (President of Slovak Strongman Federation), Gabriel Kowalski (former Polish strongman athlete) and Georgis Patenidis (former Czech Strongman Federation President). Since the Cup was established, high number of professional events of high quality have been held every year in various countries of central Europe and the strongest athletes from many countries have taken part in these competitions.

The winner of the Cup is the athlete who gets the most points in a calendar year at events organized under the banner of the European Strongmen Cup. Each country nominates its strongmen for the given event, so not everyone participates in all rounds, only the best athletes.

All competitions have given rules, where athletes are paid fair according to the valid agreements with all participating countries. The organizer of the events is obliged to pay to all athletes travel costs and price-money, and to provide an accommodation and food.

Countries that are currently organizing events of the European Cup include Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia and Austria. The organization of one of the European Strongmen Cup events may be taken over by other Central European countries, if the organizer meets all the conditions of the organization.

Other conditions to organize one of the European Cup event is to ensure the attendance of at least one international referee listed below, as well as to ensure the participation of at least three high-quality strongmen athletes who have won some of the previous rounds of the European Cup.

The President of the European Cup is Milan Gabrhel.

The Vice-president of the European Cup is Pavol Guga.

The international referee of the European Cup is Pavol Guga.

Other international referees from participating countries are Milan Gabrhel, Konstantin Ilijin, Ivan Hryhorovsky, in the Czech Republic Jirko Žaloudek, Pavel Cháma, in Poland Piotr Kwiatkowski.


2011 - Branislav Golier - SR 

2012 - Konstantin Iljin - UA 

2013 - Konstantin Iljin - UA 

2014 - Igor Petrík - SR 

2015 - Konstantin Iljin - UA 

2016 - Konstantin Iljin - UA 

2017 - Rafal Kobylarz - PL 

2018 - Rafal Kobylarz - PL 

2019 - Rafal Kobylarz - PL